Ocoee White Water Rafting in Tennessee

Tennessee is well known around the country for its many whitewater rafting rivers. The biggest and most popular is by far the Ocoee River. Over a quarter of a million people raft the Ocoee River every year with a smile on their face. However, if your schedule allows it or if your children are too young to enjoy our waters, there are many other options available for whitewater rafting in Tennessee. The North Carolina/Tennessee border is home to many rivers, which are fed by watershed from the Smokey Mountains. This excess watershed in the spring and summer creates a great whitewater environment for everyone to enjoy.

Whitewater Rafting in Tennessee

For instance, the Pigeon River is located right outside of Gatlinburg. This whitewater rafting river in Tennessee has a minimum age of 4 on the lower Pigeon and 8 on the upper. These rapids are mostly class 2 with a couple of 3ís. This would be a great trip to take to introduce your children to the world of whitewater rafting in Tennessee. The small rapids are enough to make children excited and engaged, but still feel very safe. Not to mention, the scenery and experience of being in the wilderness are something that children often remember for the rest of their lives.

The Nolichucky River is another river in Tennessee that offers some great whitewater rafting when there is high water. This river is not dam controlled so the water level is left completely up to Mother Nature. The Nolichucky is pretty secluded in the wilderness and the water levels can cause big differences in the rapids. At higher water levels, some rapids are washed out and some grow much bigger. On the other hand, the lower Nolichucky is much smoother water with a minimum age of 4 years old. This lower section would also be a great river to introduce kids to whitewater rafting in Tennessee.

Whitewater Rafting in Tennessee

If you are extremely timid of whitewater rafting, I would recommend trying your hand at the Hiawassee River. This river is located about 15 minutes from the Ocoee and has only class 1 and 2 rapids. This is also a good place to begin if you become interested in whitewater kayaking. The small rapids help people get used to reading the water and feeling the boat move with the currents. These types of lessons will definitely help with whitewater rafting in Tennessee.

All of the whitewater rafting rivers in Tennessee are great experiences and can be fun for people of any age. We hear all the time that people come back again and again because of an amazing trip they took as a kid.