Cascade Outdoors offers the perfect tours if you are looking for some exciting whitewater rafting near Knoxville!

Just over 200 miles drive from Knoxville you can reach the beautiful Ocoee river and start your rafting adventure with Cascade Outdoors! If you are looking for a day trip from the city that the whole family can enjoy, come and check out our Half-Day Middle Ocoee River Rafting Trip. You’ll get the chance to splash down some of the countries most famous rapids with our highly experienced guides on this unforgettable tour.

To double up the fun check out our Full-Day Ocoee River Olympic Rafting Trip. This tour includes a chance to get drenched on an actual Olympic course and each a delicious pavilion lunch next to some of the courses most exhilarating rapids. A once in a lifetime rafting opportunity.

We have been safely guiding families, tour groups and corporate trips down the country’s most popular rafting course for over 20 years! We’ve welcomed over 40,000 happy customers and pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned as personal safety conscious provider of high quality whitewater rafting tours.


Please don’t forget we are on Eastern time so be sure to leave that extra hour earlier!

How To Find Us

Simply take the I-75 South to Exit #25 which is Highway 60 (a.k.a. 25th Street)
Take Highway 60 South through the town of Cleveland
Then get onto Highway 64 East
There will be a sign saying ‘To Ocoee’
Go 10 miles on Highway 64 East.
You can find Cascade Outdoors on the right at the corner of Highway 64 and Cookson Creek Rd.
Look out for the Whitewater Grill.