In 20 years, Cascade Outdoors has had 6 employees qualify for the World Championships of Whitewater Freestyle Canoe & Kayaking - including Cascade Outdoors owner, Kip Gilliam.

We’re super stoked for our very own Cascade family member, Holly Reppert, placing 9th in the world this year in Nottingham, England!

Cascade Outdoors is the company with the most experienced guides on the Ocoee River (except one, but she designed our website so she’s an honorary member!).

Group 14


We went on Friday. The first unofficial day of the season. What fun! The rapids are exciting and the views are beautiful. Our guide Ky was experienced and interacted with our family sharing great stories. He would be fun to have on other rafting adventures too… wish we could book him 🙂

- LISA T, MAY 2022

Professional and experienced staff. LB trained us well before we got into the water. Kept us informed on what was coming next and what to expect. She worked so hard to make it easy for us. Passed by several other companies stuck on rocks. Cascade has all new or newer equipment which some of the other companies cannot say as they looked dingy and worn. They had a photographer on the side of the river at checkpoints taking great pictures that you can buy digitally at the end. Worth it! We will be going again!

- DAVID B. June 2022

We had the most incredible experience white water rafting!! The whole crew was so uplifting and truly made it amazing. Joe was an awesome guide! Molly took awesome pictures! We would highly recommend this place!

- KELLY J. July 2022

Absolutely would recommend this team!! Had the best time with them. Our guide “Teach” was a rock star! They took the time to personalize the trip so that we didn’t feel like a number and it wasn’t get us in and get us out so they could move onto their next trip! The crew made the trip fun!! Took time to explain everything and even took the time to give a little history lesson to my “Okie” who had never been on the river!!! They are a hidden gem in my book!!!

- JENNIFER R. July 2022

We had the best experience with Cascade Outdoors Whitewater Rafting! From the moment we walked into the building the vibe was hopping. I know our raft had the best guide going down the river. He worked really hard to give us exactly what we wanted. Will definitely be going back with them next trip!

- SHANNON B. July 2022

It was half of the group's first time and our guide, Lauren, was really great about making it fun and exciting without pushing it too much. All of the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The whole experience was a lot of fun!

- KELLY J. August 2021

This was one of the best whitewater trips we have been on. We even had two 16 year old boys and our guide kept them having a blast. Very small outfit, but in this case smaller is better. We were doing way more adventurous things on the water than any other company. Will definitely be back!

- KIMBERLY P. August 2021

Cascade may be one of the smaller guide services but it’s totally worth it! They have the best guides hands down and that’s so important…especially for first timers! so don’t be afraid of how small it is, the quality is higher than any “big wig” on the River anyways. The other companies have so many rafts and you constantly have to wait for them, but we only had 3 rafts on the morning run and it was amazing. We’re already planning our next trip!

Also shout out to Holly for being an awesome guide. The guide makes or breaks rafting for you so I’m very thankful we were paired with her. We will be making Cascade part of our summer every year and hopefully we can always ask for Holly!

- TERRY-JO J. June 2021

Our day on the river was perfect! The guides from Cascade Outdoors are so friendly and experienced they really made the trip fun. Especially our guide Brittany she was so chill. Everything went smoothly from booking online, signup, equipment, bus ride, put in, rafting, put out, ride back. The rafts and gear look nice and pretty new. Cascade is a smaller outfit which makes the entire process less crowded and more efficient. GREAT DAY!!!

- DONALD R. June 2021

Listen! I was scared to do this. Very nervous but our guide gave me confidence that I would be safe and have fun! So that’s just what we did! Rafted down that river! Laughed. Paddled. Got wet and it was a wildly fun time! Can’t wait to do it again.

- MICHAEL C. September 2020

Fourth time in a row with Cascade Outdoors Whitewater Rafting - I think this was the best trip yet! Our guide was incredible, complete control of all the tricks, 360 spins and surfs (I don't know what I'm talking about y'all, but trust me it was applause-worthy)- and he was super friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable about the area. He made sure the adventurous kids got to ride the bull and our group even had to save another rafting company who lost a few of their people for an accidental swim 😳. All the guides on our trip really knew what they were doing and we're super friendly and experienced, excellent company and a more intimate experience than some of the super big rafting places along the river, speaking as a local!

- JAIME M. August 2021

Action Shot of White Water Rafting in Chattanooga


Make your trip to Chattanooga complete by taking on an unforgettable whitewater adventure amidst the beautiful rolling hills of the Cherokee National Forest.

Experience these serene surroundings and learn about the abundant wildlife from our local River Guides while smashing down the Ocoee River - the most popular river in the United States!