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River Tours & Experiences FAQ

The half day Midde Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Tours are 3 hours and 5 miles long paddling through 20+ Class III and IV rapids.

The full river Upper and Midde Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Tour is 6 hours of testing your mettle through Class III, IV & V rapids along a 10-mile stretch. This adventure includes lunch.

Half day Middle Ocoee River Tours are 3 hours and 5 miles long that include:

  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Spray Jacket
  • Transportation to/from river

Full day Upper & Middle Ocoee River Tours are 5.5 hours and 10 miles long that include a buffet-style homemade lunch* with all the trimmings at the Olympic Course in between each section.

The full day trip also includes all equipment & transportation:

  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Spray Jacket
  • Transportation to/from river

* Vegetarian options available. For more specific dietary requirements, please call us.

The half day tour is exclusively the Middle Ocoee River (5 miles of Class III & IV rapids) whereas the Full River Ocoee River Olympic Course encompasses the Middle Ocoee River trip PLUS the Upper Ocoee and Olympic Course for a total of 10 miles of Class III, IV and V rapids.

Heck no! Everyone loves some liquid sunshine. In fact, sometimes it’s even better when it rains! We offer epic adventures rain or shine all season unless it’s lightning. If you are concerned about your reservation due to lightning, please call us and we’ll confirm.

We make every effort to ensure you have a safe trip. We have one of the best safety records on the river and our guides receive extensive training every year in River Safety, Whitewater Rescue, First Aid and CPR. However, whitewater rafting is an inherently dangerous activity. We highly recommend that all guests are competent swimmers and weight below 275 pounds.

Please call us if you have specific concerns or are wondering if your medical condition could make you ineligible for rafting.

Experience is certainly not necessary as we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You will need to help paddle the raft and you may swim in the river so we recommend all rafters be in reasonably good physical condition. All our trips can be customized depending on the approach you wish to take. We can accommodate for the more adventurous or for those wishing to take the trip a little more slowly.

We strongly recommend that you’re a competent swimmer for our Full Day Ocoee River Olympic Rafting Trip. For our half day experience, swimming capabilities are not required.

No. Once you’re in the raft, you’ll be paddling and there is no place to keep things dry. Please plan to eat/drink before or after your trip. We have picnic tables at our outpost if you’d like to bring a picnic for after your trip. If you are taking a full day rafting trip, we will provide your lunch and drinks.

Read about all of the amazing local restaurants and businesses to venture out to during your trip to the Ocoee River.

We can accommodate vegetarians in our riverside lunch. If you have a specific dietary requirements, please contact us here to discuss your options.

Absolutely! Be sure to dress appropriately, please see our 'What should I wear' question below for further details. Don’t forget to leave anything you don’t want to get wet at home like watches, cameras, fancy sneakers, etc.

You might, people fall out all the time and that’s part of the fun! Your rafting guide will take care of you every step of the way.

We provide all the safety gear and rafting equipment you will need. However, dress appropriately. Generally, all you need in the warm months is a bathing suit (sporty bathing suit bottoms recommended; no bikinis), waterproof sunscreen and a pair of sports sandals or old sneakers. When it’s cooler outside, bring along a pair of fleece pants or a fleece jacket. (Hint: Synthetic fleece and wool stay warm even when wet, but cotton loses its insulation value.) Also, remember to bring a towel, shower supplies and dry clothes for a hot shower in our bathhouse after your trip!

We recommend wearing quick-dry items like wool, fleece, or polyester. For the temperate climate of the Ocoee River, we recommend bathing suits or shorts (no bikinis because the combination of rubber and water will leave you with ‘raft booty’ - meaning pimples all over your bum), t-shirts or workout tops, and water shoes. Flip flops are denied. It’s best to have close-toed shoes or shoes specifically designed for watersports.

For before, during and after your trip, we recommend bringing:

  • Waterproof Sun Protection
  • Dry Clothes
  • Towel
  • Shower Supplies
  • Inhalers
  • Sunglass Retainers
  • Plastic Bag
  • Water

For before, during and after your trip, we recommend bringing:

  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Phones (in waterproof cases)
  • Cameras

Sadly, pets are not allowed on any excursion.

If you happen to forget any of these items, we have inventory in our gear shop for purchase.

If you wear prescription glasses please make sure they’re secured with a leash (like chums or croakies) and bring a spare pair if possible.

Please contact us here. Depending on your condition, we may be able to find a way to provide you with a safe and enjoyable rafting trip. We do not recommend rafting for those who are pregnant.

Tennessee state law requires that all rafters be at least 12 years old to raft the Ocoee River. This is not our rule and we can’t make any exceptions. There are many nearby activities that you and your child can do while the rest of your group rafts if you decide to bring them along.

We suggest that you leave all valuables locked in your vehicles at our Outpost location. We’ll gladly look after your keys so you’ll have no worries while taking on the rapids!

We don’t recommend bringing a camera with you as there is a strong possibility it will get wet and damaged. Plus we want you to be totally immersed in your whitewater adventure.

Don’t worry though, our professional photographer will be on hand ready to capture all your rafting memories. You can review all of the high-resolution photographs back at the outpost after the tour. Looking is free, but to take them home costs $20 for 3 photos or $45 for every snap of your trip, approximately 20 photos

No, for obvious safety reasons we do not allow any alcohol consumption or possession on our Cascade Outdoors rafting trips.

No. Rafting on the Ocoee River is not a pet-friendly activity. We are certain that they would prefer to stay at home while you enjoy your adventure!