Trying to find some outdoor or river inspiration while you do work around the house? Something to listen to as you look out the window during a long drive, or to keep you motivated during a workout? A podcast is a great option for you. Get out your headphones or turn up the volume, as you’re transported to the great outdoors. Enjoy some “outdoor fun” from the convenience of anywhere. This exciting and thought-provoking content, will make a splash without actually getting you wet!

For those interested in all things rafting inspired, check out our list of movies and books for additional material to get you excited to head out for some rafting fun.

The Dirtbag Diaries

With an extensive catalog and something for everyone, The Dirtbag Diaries is “a grassroots podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous stories from wild places.” Founded in 2007 and put on by outdoor and gear powerhouse Patagonia, this podcast is still going strong with over 250 episodes. The podcast focuses on “stories about the dreamers, athletes and wanderers.” No matter your passion, you’ll definitely find something that piques your interest. Whether it be the story of a family running a backcountry ski lodge, a flashback to a school bike trip, or the role of local gear shops and other outdoor tales!


Outside/In explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. The show “combines solid reporting and long-form narrative storytelling to bring the outdoors to you wherever you are. You don’t have to be a whitewater kayaker, an obsessive composter, or a conservation biologist to love Outside/In. It’s a show for anyone who has ever been outdoors.” There’s a little something for everyone, with a diverse catalog of episodes.

She Explores

She Explores provides a unique female take on nature, created by women who are inspired by the outdoors for other women. This unique podcast weaves together stories of women being daring and challenging themselves in the outdoors, as well as discussion conservation. It showcases women taking on activities like solo hiking or camping, connecting with themselves, each other, and nature at varying stages of life. Founded in 2014, they’ve since released over 100 episodes.

We are Rivers

We are Rivers features “adventurers, writers, water experts, and artists about their connection to rivers, and how they impact their lives.” This podcast explores the complexity and value that rivers play in all of our lives. The podcast is produced by American Rivers, an environmental charity established in 1973. American Rivers protects, conserves, and restores waterways, which reflects directly in the topics discussed.


Outside has been around since 2016 and also takes on a multi-faceted approach to covering stories about the outdoors. This podcast presents a good mix of conversations with athletes, adventurers, and everyday folk, newsworthy topics, and the diverse interactions and relationships we have with the outdoors. With stories that aim to “entertain, inspire, and inform” there are a ton of topics you’ll enjoy including stories about advancements in athletic wear, the transformative and healing power of water, tales of animal encounters, and much more.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Wild Ideas Worth Living features “conversations with people who took the path less traveled and brought their wildest ideas to life.” Put on by gear and clothing company REI Co-op, the episodes cover a wide variety of content. Topics include grand outdoor adventures, lessons of self-discovery, getting motivated to be active, empowerment through the outdoors, conversations with athletes, and conservation. If you like the material, REI also has more podcast content worth checking out!

The Pursuit Zone

The idea behind The Pursuit Zone is to “interview people that dream big, get out of their comfort zones, and accomplish ambitious pursuits.” The podcast seeks to embody seven core values: curiosity, adventure, ambition, strength, optimism, focus, and perseverance. They interview people from a variety of backgrounds including travellers, athletes, and filmmakers gaining insight on their outdoor experiences. Each episode features a guest and their compelling story. This podcast highlights a bit of everything ranging from racing, trekking, cycle, rowing, travel blogging, and more.

Under the Yoke

Under the Yoke “seeks to showcase the individuals and organizations that help inspire and enable adventure.” With a focus on all things backcountry, this podcasts tackles all aspects including planning, entertainment, and general advice. There is something for all levels, and tons of tips for families. Although it’s a newer podcast, it definitely looks promising. Episodes include stories climbing Mount Everest to raise money for mental health, using the backcountry to empower youth, inclusivity in the outdoors, backcountry cooking, and a feature on Algonquin Provincial Park.


For some additional audio-inspiration of a different kind check out this river inspired playlist, and see if there are any other songs that you can think of that aren’t on the list. You now have hours of outdoor and river-related listening to get you excited. This content might even provide a conversation starter for your next family meal, as you all eagerly wait to get outside and head out on your next outdoor adventure. Now that you’ve been thoroughly inspired by our list, plan for your next half-day or full-day whitewater rafting trip of your own!