After all this time inside, venturing out into natural spaces provides a great opportunity to work on yourself, but also your relationship. Take a step back from your daily distractions and simplify things in order to really focus on each other. No matter how much of a city-dweller you are, there are undeniable benefits that come from taking a bit of time to connect with nature and maybe even trying something a bit out of your comfort zone. Regardless of the type of activity you choose to do whether it be camping, hiking, rafting, nature walks, a day trip, or a long weekend, you’ll be able to recharge, destress, and work on trust and communication. So head out into the wilderness for some outdoor fun, reconnect with nature and reconnect with each other.

Unplug And Change Your Relationship’s Scenery

Put down your phones, step away from the screens, and go outdoors. Not only will this provide you with a much-needed break from your normal routines, but it will also force you to work on your communication without the distractions of everyday life. Without those daily interruptions, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on your partner and talk about all the small things you’re otherwise too busy to talk about. Because when was the last time you two were together and just talked—let alone in such a tranquil and spacious setting. Enjoy a quiet moment together away from the hustle and bustle while you appreciate the views and each other’s company.

Build Trust And A Tent

Trust is a fundamental marker of a successful relationship, and being in a natural environment is the ultimate trust test: it’s just you, your partner, and your rumbling stomachs, so it’s time to work together and get things done. In addition to the advance planning, you’ll need to pitch your tent (a true relationship challenge), make a fire, and possibly cook outdoors. All of this requires communication and confidence in your partner’s abilities, as well as working together to complete the tasks. Furthermore, there is a give and take in who takes the lead in different situations, because one of you can’t always be in charge. Being able to give up control lets your partner know that you support them in their decision-making abilities. And who knows, you may be surprised by your partner’s secret outdoor skills, acquired from their scout days that you would otherwise never have known about. The same applies to outdoor activities, in stressful situations, this is the time to encourage your partner and help them overcome any fears or insecurities. In a high-intensity situation like whitewater rafting, communication is essential, and by making it through a day of this exhilarating activity, you’ll be reminded that you can not only depend on your partner, but that with the proper teamwork, you two can get through anything.

Shared Experience And S’mores

Build a sense of wonder together. Act like kids again, be giddy as you enjoy your favorite childhood campfire treats like roasted marshmallows or fiery hot dogs. Relive your summer camp or family camping days as you tell each other about your favorite outdoor memories. Cuddle up together and keep each other warm while you reminisce about how you first met, your favorite date, or discuss your dream vacation destination. While conventional gifts are great, experiences lead to longer-lasting memories that you’ll be able to look back on together. Get out there and tackle a trail together, motivating each other along the way to make it to the top. Or take this opportunity to challenge yourselves with a new outdoor adventure for the both of you. If one of you has previous experience, look at this as a chance to share that knowledge with your partner as you make new memories together. With a bit of extra adrenaline pumping, this will be one experience that you definitely won’t forget.

A Natural Stress Reliever

Being cooped up in an office or at home is inevitable grounds for high stress levels which can then translate to relationship tension. Shake off your restlessness, and understand that self-improvement provides positive benefits for both you and your relationship. There are a wide variety of advantages to being outdoors that you can benefit from. In addition to the physical benefits of being active and breathing in cleaner air, being outside is a great boost to mental health. Getting outdoors and doing physical activity increases the body’s production of endorphins, the chemicals in our brain which make us happy. Additionally, the fresh air helps you sleep better and think more clearly. With a clearer headspace, you and your partner can work at resolving any lingering tension and head back into the city re-energized both physically and in your relationship.


You don’t have to be the most outdoorsy couple in order to benefit from spending some time outside. Through overall mood improvements and increased communication, heading outside will allow you to rekindle your connection with your partner, and build new memories together. Here at Cascade Outdoors, we can definitely help you change things up and inject a bit of outdoor adventure into your relationship with either our half-day or full-day whitewater rafting trips.