Offering a diverse selection of waterways to choose from including streams, reservoirs, tributaries, lakes, and tailwaters, Tennessee fishing is renowned. In particular, the Chattanooga region makes for a freshwater fisherman’s paradise. Whether you enjoy shore casting, fly fishing, or heading out onto the water, you’ll surely find something to fit your fishing style and taste in fish.

Before You Cast Off

When planning your trip or outing, a Tennessee fishing license is a must-have and is required by the Tennessee Wild Resources Agency for all anglers (both residents and non-residents) between the ages of 13-64. Prices vary depending on the type of species you are interested in fishing, where you would like to fish, and the time period including 1-day permits, 3-day permits, 10-day permits, annual permits, and lifetime sportsman permits. Ensure that your vessel also has the proper paperwork. TWRA also has a list of boating resources in order to ensure you’re well prepared. Boat registration is done on the state level, so Tennessee residents can get more information about both new boat registration and renewals.

What Types Of Fish You Can Expect To Lure In

Tennesee fish are abundant and diverse. The TWRA also has a comprehensive Angler’s Guide to Tennessee Fish where they thoroughly categorize and describe (including visual references), the varieties of fish that can be encountered in the states. In particular, around Chattanooga, you can encounter Catfish, Carp, Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Perch, trout, and more! Tennessee is also “home to more species of freshwater fish than anywhere in the North American continent” so you know you’re making the right choice when planning your trip.

Where To Cast A Line

With some 115 lakes, 2,829 rivers and streams, 470 reservoirs, and 485 other fishable waterways in the state of Tennessee, deciding where to go is a challenge on its own. Chattanooga offers up some of the best fishing in Tennessee. In and around Chattanooga notable spots include Booker T. Washing State Park, where you can fish on Chickamauga Lake, an ideal spot for those looking to catch Bass. Here you can either go out on your private boat, fish from the lakeshore, from the fishing pier, or head out canoe. If you’re more adventurous, combine hiking and fishing with a stop at Cades Cove and Abrams Creek. With a leisurely 5-mile round trip hike this is a popular destination during the warmer months but when cooler, it makes for a great spot to fish for trout. Chilhowee Recreation Area offers a variety of activities to choose from or combine including fishing from the sandy riverbanks, hiking, mountain biking, and also camping. Lookout Creek falls below the western face of the area’s well known Lookout Mountain. The waterway is also a popular destination for paddleboarding, and its calm waters make it a great fishing spot. Parksville lake dates back to 1910 when it was created by the Tennessee Rural Electric company. The 1,930-acre lake offers expansive views, abundant fishing with multiple locations to launch from, camping, swimming, and more!

Water Loves Rejoice

If you’re a true fan of all things aquatic, and when planning your weekend staycation or longer journey, why not make it a full water-inspired trip and join us for some river fun on a rafting experience. Both our half-day and full-day rafting trip make for great outings. With Chattanooga fishing being some of the best in the area, you’ll be set for a great outdoorsy weekend.