Connecting with nature is a great way to bring out your inner child. Not a literal child, but rather the metaphorical idea of the childlike qualities inside all adults. Think of all the best parts from when you were a kid, being carefree, curious, fearless, and ready for anything. So, while you can’t be a kid forever, you don’t actually have to be young to have all that outdoor fun. Turn up the excitement level with a day of rafting and you’ll not only gain a new perspective, but you’ll also have a great time doing it. Let go of your responsibilities and worries for a day and let your inner child be free. Meaning while we can’t literally turn back the age clock, at least we can help you feel a bit younger.

Appreciate The Little Things

Being a child is not just about the literal lower to the ground perspective, it’s also about taking the time to notice and appreciate the small details in the things around us. As adults, we’re often so focused on the task at hand that the small details go overlooked or entirely unnoticed. From the texture of a leaf, the smoothness of a pebble, and the colors of the shimmering, splashing water, or the smell of the crisp air— all of these are part of the overall natural experience that comes with a day of rafting. It’s just about taking the moment to notice them.

Be Amazed

On the opposite end, let yourself feel small as you take in the grandeur and majestic qualities of your surroundings during your rafting trip. From rushing waters to the cascading mountain ranges, enjoy a moment of renewed perspective with all these great natural features around you. A day of whitewater river rafting is no ordinary outing. You’ll have something to be excited about and the perfect opportunity to embrace adventure. Maybe you’ll even overcome a childhood fear (don’t worry, you’re in safe hands!).

Get Wet And Don’t Care

We all have those memories of a great time outdoors only to then reluctantly head back inside with wet or dirty clothes, leery of what our parents’ reactions may be. We’ll help you tap into that and enjoy a day of getting wet without concern as you make your way down the river. But unlike your younger self, there won’t be anyone to scold you about dirtying that brand new shirt. Just be sure to bring a change of clothes for after your rafting adventure so that you don’t have to ride home in wet clothes either. And be sure to leave your phone and other valuables in either your car or out Outpost location for safekeeping.

Scream And Laugh Your Head Off

Let your inner loud child shine through with no limit on the volume! With so much open space around you, there’s no need to hold back. Throughout all the ups, downs, and thrills, you’ll be both laughing and screaming with joy as you splash around with your raftmates/new friends. A day of rafting is the ultimate outdoor outing waiting to be had.

Remember The Good Times

Whether you were the outdoorsy type as a child or not, going on a rafting trip as an adult and spending some time outdoors will almost certainly jog some past memories. From your own family outings to kidding around in your backyard, to picking up sticks or cool rocks on your walk home— experiencing similar feelings as an adult will have you reminiscing on those special little moments and memories from your youth. You might even have the opportunity to relive some of them!

Nothing To Worry About

As a kid, how much time did you spend worrying about…time? Probably none, because that’s so-called a “grown-up problem”. Well, why not take a break from that grown-up mentality bring out your inner child, and just enjoy a carefree rafting experience. Whether it be our half-day or full-day of whitewater river fun, put your focus and energy towards having a real experience. So what are you waiting for? Get outside, and let that big kid run free!