Outdoor enthusiasts love their tools. It’s what takes a great rafting experience and makes it that much better. Functional, practical, and fun! When it comes to deciding what gift to get the whitewater river enthusiast in your life, these rafting gifts will certainly make a splash!


So we may have made a joke about gifting someone socks, but when it comes to rafting, a good base layer makes a huge difference. Whether they’re socks for the start or the end of the season, or ones that work all season long, a true rafting enthusiast will appreciate the thought, and so will their feet! Whether for colder temperatures or quick-drying, a good pair of socks makes for a great gift.

Another must-have for rafting fanatics is an eyewear retainer – the strap that you attach to the feet of your glasses so they don’t fall off so easily. Ideally one would avoid wearing glasses because of the potential risk of them breaking, instead opting for sports glasses. But when that’s not an option a trusty eyewear retainer helps to ensure that just like you, your glasses will make it downriver. Available in a variety of styles and made with different materials, there are tons of options to choose from.

After a day of rafting, what better way to dry off than with a microfiber towel. These quick-drying towels help minimize bacterial odor and are both lightweight and compact so they don’t take up too much space,


While the whole part of rafting is getting wet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want all of your belongings to get wet, especially on a longer or multi-day trip. A dry bag is a must for keeping things, as the name suggests…dry! Available in many shapes and sizes there are a variety of options to choose from. On the other hand, a wet bag serves the complete opposite purpose, that is keeping your wet items isolated from your dry ones. While wet bags are typically used for cloth diapers, rafting enthusiasts can appreciate the value of keeping their wet clothing separated from the rest.

Even though rafting means being surrounded by water, a durable, insulated water bottle makes for a practical gift that will be appreciated for a long time.

When it comes to river conservation and minimizing any negative impact on the environment, gifting environmentally friendly, chemical-free products shows that you care both about your loved one and the planet.


Water and tech are not a good mix. That is, without the proper equipment. A waterproof phone case will help keep their precious device and all their photos safe, whether they want to snap a picture, or are the type to accidentally drop their phone any time there’s water nearby. Or if they’re really a fan of snapping pics during their adventures, why not opt for a waterproof camera? Another extremely useful tool is a headlamp. For anyone who is planning an overnight trip, an absolute must-have is a headlamp. A hands-free light is great for setting up camp or even just packing up the car.


Because rafting is not an all-season sport, why not gift some rafting inspiration in their time off. Whether it be books that metaphorically transport them downriver or movies that leave them giddy with anticipation of their next adventure. Or if you’re looking to gift the full package why not assemble a few of the suggestions above and throw in some river snacks, creating the ultimate river rafting gift basket!


Arguably the best gift that you can give a rafting enthusiast is…a day of rafting! An experience gift is sure to be a memorable one and gives the person something to look forward to. Or if you’re feeling exceptionally festive why not gift a bit of both! If you’re looking for the best holiday gift for the rafting fan in your life, inject some outdoor fun into the mix and join us on either our half-day or full-day rafting trip. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to tag along for the ride!