We love being in the outdoors, especially doing fun adventure sports such as rafting or kayaking. To complete that adventurous spirit of your trip, camping is a must. Camping offers a great chance to switch off from the stresses and strains of your daily digital routine and connect with nature.

Here is a list of essential camping equipment that you can’t forget:

A Good Tent

If you’re going camping for a few days, then investing in a quality tent is essential for a pleasant experience. Deciding on your tent is one of the most important decisions you will make ahead of your camping trip, so be sure to research all the options from modest survival tents to luxury canvas or multi-room tents. Get the tent you can afford and feel suits you best.


Arguably the biggest factor that puts many people off camping is the lack of a comfortable bed on your average camping trip. Rest is especially important after a day full of outdoor activities such as rafting. Therefore it is important to make sure that you buy the right gear to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. An inflatable mattress to go with a quality sleeping bag is an ideal solution for most people given it is fairly light to carry with you and easy to inflate as long as you remember a pump! And don’t forget a pillow!

A Survival Kit

A camping survival kit should feature a quality knife first of all. This could come in handy for various problems you encounter on a camping trip from cutting a rope to filleting a fish! Also don’t forget medical supplies such as gauzes, bandages and medicine such as painkillers or tablets to help with any digestive problems. You shouldn’t find yourself in an actual quest for survival of course, but just in case you are worried about getting lost in the wilderness then you should also bring items such as a compass, map, paracord and survival whistle. Many inexperienced campers feel they can rely on their cellphone to get them out of trouble, but we recommend bringing an actual torch and some kind of emergency radio as you can’t always rely on a phone signal.

Synthetic Clothes

If you’re going to do an activity such as rafting then you can expect to get wet, which makes having the right clothes to repel water absolutely essential. You should also be looking at clothes that keep you dry and warm once the sun goes down. Therefore you should look to bring clothes made of polyester, nylon, microfiber and wool blends. Thick socks are always recommended for nighttime. Also, remember to bring appropriate footwear and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Portable Bathroom Facilities

In a time where keeping clean and virus-free is a bigger priority than ever, and some see camping as an unhygienic activity, portable bathrooms could be your answer These days, it is easy to keep yourself clean with the increased accessibility and popularity of portable camping toilets and showers. This has been especially in line with the increase in popularity of “glamping”, although such luxuries are not affordable to many. Some camping sites have toilets and showers, but for obvious reasons, you don’t want to stay too close to them so we recommend bringing your own if you can.

If you are on a tight budget and only going away for a night or two then you can’t go too far wrong with baby wipes and alcohol gel to keep yourself clean. Just remember to bring a bag to put your rubbish in so we can keep our sacred outdoor spaces litter-free. A water supply is often not too far away from many popular camping locations, but we recommended you always bring a few liters of water with you if possible to drink and to wash with. It is worth noting that at Cascade Outdoors we have shower facilities for you after a day of rafting.

Cooking Equipment

After a day of fun activities such as rafting or hiking, you’ll be in the mood for a proper refuel to recharge yourself. Restaurants can be difficult to find in many camping destinations, after all, you are looking to get away from the norm. Therefore it is crucial that you have your own cooking equipment with you. An oil stove is perhaps the best and most efficient piece of equipment you can bring but gas stoves or mini-BBQ sets also work well. For cooking, just don’t forget a pot, a pan and some cooking utensils. In terms of food, tins of food are a safe bet but can be heavy to lug around so think about bringing dehydrated foods with you that are quick to cook.


There are few things more important to remember than something to light your oil stove or firelogs with. A lighter or a box of matches are handy to have around for all manner of purposes, but we recommend having a pack of firestarters to get that campfire going quick.


Okay, you are probably thinking these are not technically essential, but we disagree. There are few more enjoyable camping moments than toasting marshmallows over an open flame. If you have family members who are not so keen on camping then this could be a way to entice them on the trip too, especially if they have a sweet tooth where you can tempt them with some campfire s’mores.

Whatever you decide to bring with you, remember most of these items on our essential list even if you decide to leave out the marshmallows.